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ARES – Augmented Reproduction of Esoteric Sound

Introducing ARES, the latest innovation from PASCOM’s Luxury AV division, positioned to redefine the audiophile experience by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge processing technologies with esoteric acoustics. ARES establishes a new pinnacle for discerning enthusiasts, offering a naturally immersive and technically superior solution.

ARES Luxury AV

An ARES design represents a meticulously crafted system tailored to room acoustics, leveraging specialized components and advanced alignments to deliver a fully customizable audio solution without compromise. ARES provides the capability to immerse listeners into the speaker’s field, eclipsing conventional methods for reproducing both prerecorded and live audio content.  By incorporating the finest components, precise measurements, and advanced electroacoustic alignments, ARES technology excels in rendering the intricate details of coherent audio in time, energy, and frequency, resulting in a truly immersive and faithful reproduction of sound.

Drawing inspiration from the pioneering work of Richard C. Heyser, ARES propels us into the next generation of audio fidelity, ushering in a quantifiable era of temporally accurate and spatially coherent sound reproduction. This ultra-high-fidelity solution can be tailored to complement any space, marking a long-overdue advancement in audio technology.

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